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Inspire people to EXPLORE, AWAKEN & NURTURE the sweetness within.



On a journey where we continue to LEARN, GROW & EXPAND our connections with self, others, and the world.


“ I felt the effects of the lessons and the practice on my emotional health. I also enjoyed the feng shui lesson :)”  –  Anonymous – July ReNEW You Participant

“What I liked the best about the ReNEW You Course, was the knowledge I gained and growth I made within my self-care practice.  Amazing facilitators!” – Anonymous – July ReNEW You Participant

"Shared experiences, our meetings, and the push to go out of my box using the arts, are what I liked best about the ReNEW You Course." - Anonymous -
June ReNEW You Participant

“I thought the whole course was amazing. The class offering came at the perfect opportunity for me as well. I have been going through so much in my own personal and professional life with this whole pandemic that this class offered me the opportunity to be ok with what was happening and to find purpose to continue on with my life. I also learned a lot of great life skills that I can take with me as I continue on with my life.” – Anonymous – April ReNEW You Participant

“An opportunity to focus on myself with other women who wanted the same. By the end it felt like a group of old friends.” – Anonymous – April ReNEW You Participant